Voting Update!

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Keep voting, as it stands now, through votes and feedback, Tuesday is going to change! I did not see this coming. Wednesday is safe though, no change there. It was a landslide for the Coffee House!

Tuesday is going to become something diferent if you do not vote. There are only a few days left to get your voice into the mix.

I am happy that the RfL Wednesday Coffee House has weathered the storm. I need a break during the week. Tuesday is set to become a different entity however. Remember, I am not only going by the vote at the forums, but also with feedback through all the channels. If you want to have a say on Tuesday, GO VOTE. The links are below.

Click here to vote on the future of the Tuesday show

Click here to vote on the future of the Wednesday show

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  1. Oh my God, I am so happy to hear that Coffee House Wednesdays are staying in the line-up. I love Wednesdays and it has a lot to do with your Coffee House music show!

    Keep up the super great work…

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