RfL 3-15-06 WCH #163

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Click on the Podcast Graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. Time to chill, it is the RfL Wednesday Coffee House here at the podquarters. We have a debut song from our Royal Court as well as a new member to be inducted. The Plastic Soul Band becomes our first Royal Court members from Japan.

We talk about Isaac Hayes in the Irrational Moment of Scientology. We have some fun facts in A Moment In History. Stupid Celebrity Crap finds the Spears family trying to go lower than Springer guests day by day.

I give a shout-out to my Canadian buds Daryl and Kuma from the Poddog Show and we promo Gabber Jaw Podcast.

Enjoy the show!

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show notes

Royal Court Debut!
Lorena Mire-Kid in a Candy Store

Jody Shelton-All These Sounds

Adrina Thorpe-Never Meant

The Butterfly Catchers-Inside You

Alice Marie Two-fer for Digital Assistant Faith
Lipstick Diaries and Madeleine

Satya-Silk Route

Royal Court Induction!
New Members
Plastic Soul Band-Leaving for Good

Rob Costlow-Goodbyes

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