RfL 3-20-06 RMM #165

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Click on the Podcast Graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. I have some great tunes to kick off another week of RfL. With the exception of the last two songs, this is a day of tunes that are new to RfL.

We have three Idiots segments today. Part 1 sees a classic moron for all time, courtesy of Daryl from the Poddog Show. Thanks for the heads up Daryl! I can’t even put this guy it into words here, you have to listen to the show. I did put his picture below, Tony Fehr, the person you do not want your kids to become. In part 2 we find bank robbers that have no idea where to find money. We finish the parade of idiots with part 3 where we come across one smooth dude, who really knows how to handle a gun.

What a day, this is going to be fun.

Enjoy the show!

–I Need to say sorry to Marc Leblanc, who I talk about at the end of the show. Marc was the listener that called the podquarters on Friday, I just forgot to mention him by name in the show. I will make it up to you on the Tuesday show Marc, I promise!–

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show notes

Superbeing-Down in Flames

Douglas Fir-Revolution

Parents, this is what you want to avoid while raising your kids! Our #1 classic moron, Tony Fehr!
Tony Fehr, the idiot

Move-100 Reasons

Years of Static-On a Mission

Sweet Justice-Guns of Navarone

The Ava Raiders-City Life

The Revolutions-Bleed

Mr Nasty-Rock N Roll Man

The Golden Gods-Dynamite Lady

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