RfL 3-21-06 IAT #166

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Click on the podcast graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. It is a special Indie and Alternative Tuesday today at the podquarters. It is the birthday of our very own Royal Court Princess of Podcasting Love, Amanda! To dedicate the show to her today I am making it all about the feminine, artists that is.

In the Idiots segment we see kids trying to do a good thing, but screwing up bigtime. We also see a guy that needs a date, bad! In the Sex segment we look into the sex life of a couple of our elders. Matt Suter may be the luckiest person ever to be featured in the Lottery segment. He had a big spin-n-blow job, and came out ok.

Enjoy the show!

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Some music today is from the Podsafe Music Network

show notes

The Muffs-Really Really Happy

Paperboy Jack-Scream

Rotoscope-All thats Left

Darcy Fray-Murder in Bombay

Anemo-Made of Fiction

The Meshes-Disease


Full Minute of Mercury-Ready to Go

From Epitaph Records-The Distillers-La Girl

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  1. Amanda Owens

    goddamn. I feel so special. thank you eban, everyone. I love you.

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