RfL 3-24-06 HRMF #169

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Click on the Podcast Graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. We have another Royal Court debut to start this edition of the Juggernaut, Hard Rock and Metal Friday, and the quality of the tunes stays at that high level. This one could get painful in a good way.

In the Idiots segment there is a guy in Maryland that just can’t help forgetting things in the car while catching the train, even if the thing is alive, and his daughter. He gets a good bitchslap. We visit with the now deceased Chef, the little crackhead Pete Doherty, and learn of another no-brainer show from the idea drained TV networks in the Stupid Celebrity Crap section. Freaky things brings us info on how little the average Brit wears while talking on the phone. Yummy goodness, or maybe just plain scary.

Enjoy the show!

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show notes

Royal Court Debut!
The Deadline-Bring on the Pain

Kaj-Focus Factor


Coded-Live On


In Silence-Hypocrit

Lacuna Coil-Swamped

Eyes of Fire-It All Dies Today

Where She Wept-Cloaked in Dusk

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