RfL 3-28-06 IAT #170

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Welcome back to a late start here st Reaching for Lucidity. Sorry for my voice problems on the show today, my throat feels like it is filled with razorblades, ouch!

We do have some great tunes today to keep you entertained. We even have a Royal Court Debut!

I name an honorary -Condom for the Ears- today. That would be Christiana Ellis and her four podcasts. You need to check out her stuff, in particular the podnovel Nina Kimberly the Merciless. It is what podcasting can be!

We talk beers spas, beer in schools, give out a bitchslap, and find a guy that thinks potato peelers are hardcore.

Enjoy the show and send some good vibes for my throat, please.

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music today is from the Podsafe Music Network

show notes

Spiral Stairs-How to Kill Giant Vampire Mutants

Ripped-Show Me

New Honorary Condom for the Ears-Christiana Ellis

From Avebury Records-Battery Life-Beer Rights

Sealed Weasels-Punchbuggy

Royal Court Debut!
Artificial Inteligence in Texas-120

The Jellybricks-Simple Me

Vanton-Look at Me

New Maximum Monkey-Telephone

The Hypertronics-You Get So Uncomfortable When You’re Uncomfortable

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