RfL 3-3-06 HRMF #155

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Click on the Podcast Graphic below to listen to the show or to download the episode. Day two of Lacuna Coil here on Hard Rock and Metal Friday, and I am still stoked! What has me even more stoked is the rest of the music on the show today, it is all of the highest caliber. I do have to apologize a bit as my sound levels were off a bit today. The music makes up for the glitch though.

In Stupid Celebrity Crap we have more news from the completely silly new Bond film. Some news from the Hard Rock scene a mix of the bad with the insane. In idiots, a boyfriend gets hungry while arguing with his girl so he bites off her cheek, then only gets 15 years in the pen. Then we meet an idiot that unkowingly calls the cops with the Onstar system in his Cadillac, while he has an exposed bag of drugs in his center console. That is worthy of the mighty bitchslap!

Enjoy the show!

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show notes

From Century Media-Lacuna Coil-Heavens a Lie

The Deadline-Alive

Kaj-Angel of Blood

Darque Carnival-Decieved

Givehead_Fallen Angels


Rising Conviction-Ultrasharpe Backstab

From Cyclone Records-Pitch Union-Tornadic Activity

Where She Wept-Cloaked in Dusk

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  1. AWESOME as always!!!!

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