I am so stoked, Check it out!

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Another first for myself and RfL, keeping the streak of cool going. I just recieved my copy of Givehead’s CD, “WAR”. As I checked it out, I could not help but notice the Liner notes, this is my first CD liner note mention! Thanks guys!

BTW, the CD rocks! If you have not ordered it yet, it is available for only 5euros! Just get over to the Givehead site and contact Christian or Pascal to purchase the CD. The songs will also be available for 99 cents each when the new Podsafe Music Network launches soon.

Here is the Liner notes, WoooHoooo!


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  1. Hey Ebay..
    That is just too cool!!!

  2. karmyn

    Not Ebay…..Eban……
    I’m tired and can’t type!

  3. Admit it Karmyn, you just want to auction me off for the cash. Although, I do hope all you expect to buy with the proceeds is a cup of coffee, otherwise you may be disapointed with the outcome, lol.


  4. I could retire on the proceeds!!!

  5. whoa that kicks ass!

  6. Keep it up (like I do :-)) Great site – loved the bit about yourselves.

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