Let’s Rally for the Kids! Podcasters and Listeners Alike!

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I did a story in Tuesday’s RfL about Fort Myers High School Marching Band getting an invite to the New Years Parade in London. Thing is, the educational officials in Florida have declined the invitation due to safety concerns.

These educators liken London to a terrorist hotbed, which is stupid. I am an American that lives here in England and spend as much time in London as possible. These cowards are ruining a once in a lifetime experience for these kids to represent their school, state, and country.

In today’s show I am giving out the email and phone number to the Lee County School superintendent, James W. Browder. I am making this a rally cry to try to get this stupid decision overturned.

On of the students at the school, Ethan Lepham spoke it best, saying,

“It’s more probable to be struck by lightning or be murdered in your sleep, than to fall prey to an attack by al-Qaeda terrorists.

“There is no better time to show these terrorists that we have no fear of them. Instead we are forced, through the cowardly acts of our superiors, to hide in shame.”

Well said I say, in this case the students seem to have more sense than the elders.

If we work together to get people involved in this, we could have a shining moment in podcasting, while at the same time helping these kids to have a great adventure that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

I am sending a copy of this to all parties involved as well.

If you want to help, the email to Mr. Browder

The email to Herb Wiseman, the person that made the statements in the Annanova story.

If you would like to send support to the band itself, the email for the director, Mark Dahlberg

Let’s rally and make a podcasting roar here!

The link to the story is
London too Dangerous for Band

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