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I talked recently about the three new RfL shows starting. Well, the “RfL Turns Classic!” show episode #1 is now up at RfL Turns Classic!

Check it out. This Sunday’s show features two pieces by Tchaikovsky and one composed by Danny Elfman. The music is as follows…

The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from “The Nutcracker”
The Orchestral Suite from ” Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas”
The Swan Lake Suite

Please check it out and enjoy the first episode!

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  1. Sue Tyler

    You are right!! When I first started listening to your shows, I would never have dreamed you would love classical music…….People are finding out about you….and I for one like it!! I also noticed that you like Dean Martin…..I have all of his old TV shows…..They are great to look back at….

    I still think for the 200th show you should do at least one clip from the very first show and maybe one from the 100th show. I didn’t know about podcasting at that time and would love to hear what you sounded like then!!

    Also, you need to put the vote link up again. Everyone needs to go and vote…..everyday!! We need to get 150 votes before April is over

  2. Yeah, where is the vote link??

    I havn’t listenend to the new show yet.. I wonder about it though!! I ‘ll be off this Friday, So I hope to listen then.

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