RfL 4-10-06 RMM #179

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Wow, had a drinking and fun kind of weekend, and that means a bit more mellow Rock Mix Monday this week, hehe. A little recuperating to do.

Along with the great tunes today, we have a teacher that can’t help but blow up, and gets a bitchslap for his efforts. We find some more near braindead criminals who have vehicle problems.. And last but not least, a judge you never want to face, if you are a criminal, of course.

Three idiots segments and some great, groove driven rock.

Enjoy the show!

Show notes

Brain Buckit-Sweet Tequila

Matthew Ebel-Wasting My Time

Brother Love-Summertime

Gene Loves Jezebel-Exploding Girl

Miles Partridge-No Surrender

Supersuckers-Here We Go

Alice Marie-It’s Amazing

Granian-Sex in a Box

George Hrab-She Suffers From Superlatives

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  1. Doug in AK

    I like the new logo. It hasn’t made it over to the forums yet though.

  2. The forums may not be around too much longer, no one uses them anymore and Spam has started to appear. It may be time to “put down the horse”, so to speak.

    Thanks for the props on the logo!

    Any ideas for show 200?


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