RfL 4-11-06 IAT #180

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It is Tuesday yet again at the podquarters, and that means Indie and Alternative!

In addition to the music, we have an idiot that tries to extort a granny and pays for it, from the law and from the bitchslap award officials. Another person tries to take on a Granny and gets it from the granny herself, wooohoooo! Kickass pensioners rule! And we have an old segment which we dust off for another run, Pooter is back.

The music is just amazing today. We have two Royal Court debuts and lots more.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Royal Court Debut!

Artificial Inteligence in Texas-I Must be Dreaming

7 Seconds of Love-Winners

Royal Court Debut!



Paisley Riot-Monkeys(here to stay)

Phil Coyne and Bitjobs for the Masses Podcast

Ape House-We Shouldn’t Have Made Out

New Maximum Donkey-Sex Offender

A Step Behind-Genres on a Roll

Anti-hero-More or Less

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  1. Hey Eban!
    I’m a fairly new listener, and wanted to share the love. I really enjoy listening to your ‘cast and find it to be a fabulous way to find artists to play on my podcast. (www.knittunes.net)

    I’m thrilled with the quality of indie music available out there. I’d say it makes my job easy, but in some ways it’s harder because I have so many choices!

    As for episode 200, how about doing something that revolves around the royal court? Perhaps choosing the best of the best for the “Imperial Court”?

    Thanks again for a great ‘cast!


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