RfL 4-12-06 RMT #181

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It feels good to be back today after the problems that came up yesterday. I did a re-install and everything seems to be working fine today.

We are going to do things a bit diferent today for the Thursday Rock Mix. We are going to start off a little more mellow than usual, but fear not, by the end of the show you will have worked up a sweat.

In Idiots pt.1, we have a criminal and a cashier. Guess which one gets the Bitchslap Award. You may be suprised today. In Idiots pt. 2 we find a couple that will go to some extreme measures to get out of work, and no, they are not French, they are from Iowa. Go figure.

In Stupid Celebrity Crap, we vist with Gwyneth and Chris as they set up another child for a beating later in life, and Bobby’s sister spills more dirt on Whitney and the train wreck she has become.

Now settle in for some great tunes and even a new Royal Court induction, oh yeah, we also have some big announcments on today’s show. I can’t believe I almost forgot about that 😉


Show Notes

Royal Court Induction!

Christopher Scott-Torn

Granian-Mark My Words

Miles Partridge-Tequila

Crash Menagerie-Bad Town


Straightfork-Against the Wall

Mr Nasty-Joyride

Supersuckers-Rock Your Ass

From Epitaph-The Distillers-LA Girl

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  1. The new Royal Court Inductee is awesome!!! Excited about the new shows……I love jazz and lounge music!!

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