RfL 4-20-06 RMT #185

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We are going to have fun today. The show starts with my normal take on the world confusing me, we find some people have diferent views of carrots, and then the music kicks in, and kick it does!

People near Manchester are putting to much faith in Sat Nav in idiots pt.1. In idiots pt.2 we find a bored security guard in Brazil that has whacked out ideas on how to pass the time, and he gets the coveted bitchslap award for his efforts.

In Stupid celbrity crap, Tom backpeddles on his culinary choices, Terri Hatcher wins an apology from the Sun. Man, I still want to nibble her ass and toes, yeah! Oh, and Lance Armstrong is turning marathon man, whoopeeee.

The music is top notch and we finish the day with a display of woman power!


Show Notes

Waiting for Decay-Last Call

Miles Partridge-Better Than You

7 Seconds of Love-First Drink of the Day

Headrush California-Less Than Beautiful

Vanton-Not The Same

Chance-Say What You Will


The Muffs-Really Really Happy

Full Minute of Mercury-All in on the Big Blind


Bonus track!!!!!!

The Distillers-LA Girl

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