RfL 4-21-06 HRMF #186

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Time to kick things into high gear for the weekend. Here is the Juggernaut, Hard Rock and Metal Friday to do just that. Prepare for a case of whiplash, self inflicted, of course.

The Queen turns 80, Britney has a horde of something, plus stories of an idiot pensioner, and evil electronics company product, and some stupid celebrity crap. Pete D. must want to die, David Lee Roth still can’t play nice with anybody, and Gene Simmons wants to share the smell of kiss.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Pilfa Confession Box-Visions of Rosmary


The Deadline-Starting Over

Rising Conviction-Middle of the End

Givehead-Just Punishment

In Silence-The Stand

Darque Carnival-Renewed Esteem

From Cyclone Records-Occam’s Razor-Exhiled

From Century Media-God Forbid-Anti-Hero


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