RfL 4-24-06 BM #187

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Monday always gives me the blues, so to combat this, from now on Mondays here at the Podquarters will now be known as Blue Monday. RfL has access to some of the best blues, both traditional and more modern, so be prepared to kick the Monday blues in the ass for good!

In idiots pt 1 we meet a postman who should be called crash. In idiots part 2, we find a doorman at a pub that can’t tell a prostetic limb from a gun or knife, he gets the Bitchslap award for his non-use of his cherished braincells.

In honor of Boston Legal, we have the top ten things in law that sound a bit dirty and wrong, but are completely legal. Pooter even joins in the tribute as he loves licking his balls while watching William Shatner.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Ride Til' I Die

Ride Til’ I Die

John Lee Hooker


Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter, and Philip Walker-A Little More Time

Pat Zelenka-Blind Leading The Blind

You Gonna Lose Your Head

You Gonna Lose Your Head

Johnny Hoy And The Bluefish


Marcia Ball-Big Shot

Boo Boo Davis-Mountain Top

Double Shot!

Double Shot!

Snooky Pryor & Mel Brown
Electro-Fi Records


P.W. Fenton and the Second Ward-Like Tears in Rain

The Hypnotics-I Feel it Too

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