RfL 4-26-06 WCH #189

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If it is smooth, if it is relaxing, if it is just plain fun, it must be Wednesday, as in th RfL Wednesday Coffee House!

Great tunes, great fun, great chill.

In the idiots segment we find a father that gives new meaning to tough love, or anger, either way he is a moron.

In the This shit is cool segment, we have another ass-kicking Granny, this time from Alabama.

We have some interesting trivia about music happenings in the A Momnet In History segment.

See, fun from start to finish.

Enjoy the Show!

Show Notes

Royal Court announcment! Get Lorena Mire’s new CD as a pre-order for only $4.99, regular price after release $7.99.

Lorena Mire-Movies in my Head

Eddie Ramirez-A Box

Marina V-Simple Magic

Cheryl B. Engelhardt-Proof

Alice Marie Two-fer!

Madeleine and Lipstick Diaries

Alice Marie’s Podcast with Jo Davidson, Let’s Get Metaphysical

Adrina Thorpe-Did You Think

Christopher Scott-Missing You

Royal Court Debut!

Karmyn Tyler-Amazing Grace LIVE

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  1. great show today! I went to buy Lorena mire’s cd, the name has an extra letter… just wanted to let you know! and everyone else πŸ™‚


    viva la coffee house! πŸ˜›

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