RfL 4-27-06 RMT #190

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As my mental health obviously takes a turn for the worst, I am comforted by the fact that I have the great music here at RfL to keep me sane, the upside, you get the great music as well! Plus the chance to point and laugh as I slowly go nuts.

In the idiots segment, we find that stupid kids are a worldwide phenomenon. In freaky things we learn that the Brits are good at plenty of things, catching criminal may not be one of those things however.

In Stupid Celebrity Crap, Michelle Rodriguez goes to jail, Paula "crazy lady" Abdul and Ryan Seacrest can’t even agree on disgreements, and David Coperfield tricks some little thugs by playing in his pockets.

Did I mention the music? Well, I have two give-aways on the show of three cd’s each, so get it while the gettings good!

Enjoy the Show!

Give-away 1-Electric Frankenstien album Conquers the World from Magnatune, details in the show!

Electric Frankenstien two-fer-Electrify Me and Coolest Little Monster

American Heartbreak-Things are Looking Up

The Golden Gods-Stone Fox

Give-away #2-Royal Court Members Rocket City Riot’s first CD Pop Killer from Magnatune, details in the show!

Rocket City Riot Two-fer-Cut Me Out and Feel Alive

The Substitutes-Taken a Lifetime

In Silence-To Walkaway


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