RfL 4-4-06 IAT #175

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We have some fun stuff today at the Podquarters. Indie and Alternative Tuesday means great tunes by some of the best artists around.


In the Idiots segment pt.1 we have a guy that dcides total nudity and explosions mix well. In Stupid Celebrity Crap we find out why a certain Premeirship striker missed a match to coddle his balls. And in Idiots pt. 2, we locate what could be the dumbest group of educators on the planet, and they reside in Florida. The deserve the bitchslap they get!


Enjoy the show!

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music today is from the Podsafe Music Network

Show Notes


The stepford Five-Recognition for the Lonely Ones


Jason Stokes-Melt


The Old Souls-Ridiculous


Jody Shelton-All These Sounds


Artificial Intelligence in Texas-One Two Three


The Lingus-No Wonder


Vanton-So Hard




Full Minute of Mercury-That Song (Is Stuck In My Head)

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