RfL 4-5-06 WCH #176

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Attn: I talk of mailing the Lee County School District in this show to get them to allow the marching band to come to London. Well, between recording the show and posting, the

school district gave in. The kids are coming to England!

It is the Wednesday Coffee House and we have some great tunes, we have a Royal Court induction, we learn that houswives in India are not equal to asses, and we have fun facts in the “A Moment in History” segment.

Enjoy the show!

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music today is from the Podsafe Music Network



Marina V-In My Head

Adrina Thorpe-Did You Think

Cheryl B. Engelhart-Hard to Come By

Arctic-Someone Turning

Karmyn Tyler-Guilty

The Lascivious Biddies-Betty

Plastic Soul Band-Lonesome Hearted Woman’s Blues

Green Eyes-Green Eyes

Satya-Silk Route

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3 Responses

  1. *gasp* Karmyn forgot about RFL ??????

  2. But Angel….I have been forgiven even though I was “Guilty” Eban still luvs me! Hope you do to Angel.

  3. Hell, I forget about RfL, but then I walk into the studio each morning wondering why I have all this recording gear and then I remember, eventually.

    See, I can’t fault anyone else.

    What was I saying again? Must be the mad cow disease. When I said I idolized Denny Crane, this is not what I meant.


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