RfL 4-6-06 RMT #177

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We have some great music today! We have our first ever band from Mexico, McKane, another first from California’s  Jet 68, and more Royal Court members than you can shake a stick at.

In Freaky things we take on Resturant and Pub shenanigans. We have robbers, drunks, and a sticky situation.

In the Idiots segment, we feature scum of the earth who steal from terminal children in Austria.

We have some honesty from Sir Tom Jones in the Stupid Celebrity Crap Section, his doc–read:Plastic Surgeon–says he may pop! We compare Tom to Joan and Jacko as well. Plus it looks Like Marshal Mathers has had enough the second time around with Kim.

Enjoy the show!

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music today is from the Podsafe Music Network

Show Notes

McKane-Si Supieras

Smeer-Falling Apart


Jet 68-Bleed

The Substitutes-Taken a Lifetime

Artificial Inteligence in Texas-January


Coheed and Cambria-A Favor House Atlantic

Full Minute of Mercury-Ready to Go

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