Sun, Sand, and Fun

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I made a mistake today. I was in my cozy studio getting prepped for today’s show when I decided to go look out of the front window. Today is a bank holliday here in the U.K. and people are flocking to Littlehampton. It is in the mid-60’s with complete sun today. The beach is filling up, the green across the raod is filling up, the amuzement park across the road is already going strong, the beach train has already started up, and it is not even 11:00 yet.

PICS from the promenade, beach, and Harbour Park from last year

Well, I decided that I needed to break away from the scene and get to work, but decided since it is so nice that I should open the studio curtains, big mistake. I can see the amuzement park from my recording area. So many people just having a ball.

This is a problem when you work out of the house, and the said house is across the road from the beach and an amusment park.

I am going to have to skip off today, the draw to go outside is too great. Plus Faith is off due to the holliday. I think today is going to be a battery charging kind of day.

I will be back tommorrow with not only the Indie and Alternative Tuesday, but the first episode of the new RfL Quickjabs show.

Check out the first ever RfL Turns Classic show that I put up yesterday, there is some great classical there from Danny Elfman and Tchaikovsky.

Also, check out the latest Podshow Music Rewind hosted by The Scene Zine’s Marcus Couch which features a clip from RfL with our Royal Court member Alice Marie. The show will also go out on Sirius Stars 102 on the Sirius network on Tuesday. Check the schedule at .

Many thanks to Marcus for featuring RfL yet again. You rock Marcus!

Now I have to get my ass in the shower and then hit the Promenade along the beach! Batteries, prepare to be recharged!

See ya tommorrow everyone.


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