The Heart of the Podquarters

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I have been asked several times recently what my recording setup is like. Well, here is the heart of the Podquarters. You can click on the pic to get to flickr for a better view and to mouse over the pic to get descriptions of all the goodies.

Podquarters Studio

This is the heart of the Podquarters at Reaching for Lucidity. I have my Beringer UB-1204FX-Pro mixer, my stagg MD-4000SC Mic(I went with Stagg after trying out their srat copy guitars. Stagg makes exceptional copies of other brands equipment at very low prices), My Sony Headphones, My iRiver MP3 player and recorder, my Rp-50 effects proccesor for my guitar (not really for the podcast), on the screen but not too noticable is Podproducer and audacity. I use podproducer to cue my music, effects, and bumbers, and record live into audacity when not using the iRiver.

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