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Hello to all. I just wanted to drop a line to let everyone know that I am indeed enjoying my decompression time, better known as vacation, holiday, or just time off. I have not been doing a lot of running around or such, I have instead chosen to keep myself busy by spending quality, slow paced time with Faith. Slow paced adventures are just as fun as the fast paced variety it would seem.

We have had some cool things to do recently. On Sunday morning we decided to go for an early morning walk on the beach. Shortly after starting the walk we decided to go along the river and get some coffee. We have always enjoyed our coffee dates. As a matter of fact, we would often enjoy coffee along with Faith’s sister Angel when we all lived in Texas. Well, we got a very pleasant surprise.

As we walked along the river to the normal spot for our coffee dates, we happened upon a newly opened coffee shop, and a very trendy coffee shop as well. It was very modern, but still warm and inviting. The place is even an after-hours spot and serves alcohol and food. It is called Red Bar. We had a terrific time, even though we did have to keep our eye on a spider that continually tried to crash our little party.

We are very happy that this new “trendy” place has opened. This now means that there are three very nice, modern, hangouts here in Littlehampton. The added plus being that the city is trying, it would seem, to re-do it’s image overall. Hopefully this will be completed fast. Littlehampton can be a bit on the dull side.

After our coffee, we spent around four hours on the beach, watching the para-surfers and sailboats. And then went to Mewsbrook park to hang with the dogs and aggressive swans. It was a great day.

Monday was a bit rainy and glum, but we still had some fun and even went into town for a bit during a lull in the weather. There is not much to do in Littlehampton town center, but sometimes it is not about the activity and more about the company.

As for today, I watched the movie that I recorded last night. It is one of my all time favorites, Big Trouble in Little China. After that I watched the third and final installment of a terrific BBC production called The Impressionists. It is an accurate account of the Impressionist movement told as an interview with Claude Monet and is taken from letters and articles of the day for accuracy.

I do feel a bit odd not putting my shows out this week, but the time away is doing what I hoped. The time off is recharging the batteries and helping to flesh out new ideas. The show will be in top form next week, I promise.

Also, thank you to everyone that has sent in words of congratulations and support after the 200th episode. I do this for you fans and for the artists. I am lucky that I also have so much fun doing the shows.

I am taking this week off a bit serious, so I am a bit slow in responding, but respond I will. I am a bit humbled by all of the kind words of appreciation and support.

Now, I am off to enjoy a bowl of tomato soup that Faith has prepared, Oh, it is so goooood!

See you all next week.


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  1. Hey Eban……I hope you are enjoying your well deserved vacation. Get the R&R that you need and I look forward to your new creative show
    #201!!! Yeaaahhhhh!!

    Hey….you could always visit Texas!!

  2. Kelvin

    Yummmmm…. tomato soup (relaxation in a bowl)

  3. Gordon

    Hola Eban…..hope you’re enjoying the vacation and the coffee. Missing you and Faith down here. I guess we’re going to have to make a trip there and have coffee with y’all. Take care and enjoy the continued successes you’re having. Later, G

  4. Just wanted to pop in and say to everyone that we have been having a great week off!

    A special thanks to Eban…..I really appreciate your love, support and fantastic podcasts!

    Love ya Honey!

  5. still having fun Eban?


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