RfL 5-10-06 WCH $198

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Ah, the day of mellow and hump, hump day that is. Today in addition to acts you would expect on the Coffee House, I am going to give you a taste of some acts normally associated with the harder days, but do have a more mellow side.

In the segments we find mini-criminals, a lot of May 10th music history, and a guy that really thinks he is in need of more than a pat on the back. Luckily for him, now that his deeds have him in the prison system, he will get a lot more than pats on his backside.

I even screw up the currecy conversion, woo hoo!

Enjoy the show!


Enter The Chicken
Enter The Chicken
Buckethead & Friends
Serjical Strike Records

  • Download "Coma" (MP3, 192kbps)

Royal Court Debut-Marina V-Underneath Your Sky


Eddie Ramirez-A Box

The Supersuckers-Some People Say

Edie Carey-Chemistry

Jody Shelton-All These Sounds

Cheryl B. Engelhardt-Hard to Come By

Jim Fidler-New Song of the Gypsy

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3 Responses

  1. Hey Eban,
    Great show today…..Wednesday Coffe House is always my favorite show. Looking forward to the 200th show!! Please play something from your very first show. I want to see how you have changed in 200 shows!!

  2. Yes! I totally want to see Cheryl B. Engelhardt in the royal court!!!

    I am sleep deprived at the moment, so I have no clever title to recommend, but maybe tomorrow I will! 🙂

    I am looking forward to show 200!!!! I want to be a part of it somehow, maybe I’ll talk to Rodolfo and he will give me an idea on how I can participate! 🙂 ….

    Miss y’all!

  3. Hey, thanks! I will play something from my first or second show for you Sue. I do have my second episode, but I am really having trouble finding my first. Back then I had no expectation that this would end up being so big, I guess I did not think to archive properly. But #2 is just as bad as #1 so you still get the effect, lol.

    Hey Angel, get a voicemail or MP3 into me today if you can. The show would not be the same without hearing from the Ambassador of the Royal court!

    Watch out for Rodolfo, he is a sick dude.

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