RfL 5-11-06 RMT #199

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Show 200 is almost here so I figure we should start the party a day early, at least with the music. We have some great tunes today.

In the segments we have an idiotic daredevil wannabe, a brave lady with striking power, or frying power, Scarlet Johansen loves her tits, Jade Goody can’t spell her name, and TomKat keeps rolling.

We also here the new promo for one of the best storytelling podcasts, King Bonks Campfire.


Waiting for Decay-Last Call

Artificial Inteligence in Texas-January

Royal Court Debut-The Substitutes-Wrong Side Of the Whip

The Ropes-Heaven on Stilts

Granian-Mark my Words



Coheed and Cambria-A Favor House Atlantic

The Supersuckers-Pretty Fucked Up

The Distillers-LA Girl

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