RfL 5-12-06 HRMF #200!!!

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Here it is everyone, show  #200, and man am I having fun. I never expected to go this far, and now I can’t see myself ever quitting. We have great music to celebrate today, plus lots more!

Enjoy! Remember, I am taking next week off, but I am going to come back ready to go for 300, 400, and beyond.

Clip from first RfL show

Message from Royal Court Queen, Karmyn Tyler

In Silence-To Walk Away

Message from Miles Partridge, Royal Court King

HeadrusH UK-Just Bring it On

Message from Ed Roberts from KC Weather and Looking Out the Window Podcasts

A Moment in History-music style

Rising Conviction Two-Fer-Shudder and Skin

Message from Royal Court Member Brendan Bolger of Spudshow

Givehead-Just Punishment


Message from Royal Court Member Michael from Alternative Inteligence in Texas

Drink of the Day with Pooter-Are You Tough Enough?

ingredients.-1oz of each of the following-Cinnamon Scnapps, Peppermint Schnaps, Everlear, Wild Turkey Bourbon, and Tequila

Make sure to use 100 proof alcohol and have the schnaps ice cold-mix in a cocktail glass and drink as a shot

Lacuna Coil-Swamped

The Deadline-Starting Over

Message from royal court member Angel and Pat

Darque Carnival Two-fer- Last Chance and Down Driven


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  1. hi, great show as usual and erm I nicked some loose quotes from you for my blog post today. Wise words my friend – I could definitely enjoy a Guinness and a chat ha ha.

    Anyway keep up the fight for the freedom of music and the downfall of the corporate talent crushers.



  2. *high five* this show was really cool Eban! It is wonderful to see how many people support RFL and it was super cool to hear everyone show the love to you and the show !

    Rock on RFL!

  3. SuzieT

    Hey Eban,
    Thanks for the clip from the first show……I hear a different accent than you have now!!! That was neat. Great show!!! I don’t think anyone new the impact podcasting would have. For us “oldtimers” it is more like the radio we grew up with…..real dj’s talking off the cuff!!! With podcasting it is “welcome back old time radio” !!!! I love it!

  4. Kelvin

    Congrats on 200!! Thanks for all the great music and entertainment. Enjoy the break.

  5. Miss you already and its only Monday! 🙂
    enjoy your vacation!

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