RfL 5-2-06 IAT #192

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You have the right to great, passionate music, and you can get it here today with Indie and Alernative Tuesday. We of course have a bit more than just great music as well.

We talk about a guy in India with serious marital problems, idiots that can’t keep away from the tracks, traintracks that is, and an Australian hotel guy that prefers dogs to kids, for cleanliness reasons. Yep, I am shaking my head as well.

Enjoy the show!

Soular-American Dream


The Bad Touch-Father Destroyer


The Tunguska Event-So What is New

Vanton-Silver Bullet

The Ropes-Kill Her Off

Anti-Hero-Two Words

Two-fer from Chachi on Acid-Everybody We Meet is a Circus Freak and Get Fuckin Fucked

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