RfL 5-22-06 BM #201

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RfL is back and kicking off in style. It is Blue Monday and the music is phenominal!

In the segments today we find a dessert lawn thief, a bitchslap award, some music and entertainment history, and a boy gives new meaning to snaking a toilet.


Boo Boo Davis-Big House By Myself

Michael Burks-Heartless

Johnny Nicholas-Sleeping with the Devil

Edwin Holt-Down To The Bone

Fenton Robinson-The Getaway

The Detonators-Nine Kinds of Ugly

Road Village Band-All That He Says

The Plastic Soul Band-Lonesome Hearted Woman’s Blues

Stingray-Soul Travelling

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  1. Kelvin

    Welcome back… if this show is any indication, the break was good for you.

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