RfL 5-23-06 IAT #202

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Kicking tunes , that is what is in store as you listen today. It is a day of two-fers, a day where we induct a new Royal Court member, a day where we learn what inspired another Royal Court band’s songs, and a day where the King of the court brings us some new tunes!

All that plus we have idiots, celebrities, and things to make you think.


Royal Court induction!

Oswald-Nothing Left To Win and Love

Vanton-Wyatt Earth and So Hard

Caplyn-Shine On and Shadowesque

Artificial Inteligence in Texas-The Bomber Field and I Must Be Dreaming, each with intro from vocalist Michael Giaquinto

Royal Court Debut Songs from The King of the Court, Miles Partridge!

Miles Partridge-Ink and Let Go

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  1. I like the new songs Miles! 🙂

  2. Thanks again for playing us mate !



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