RfL 5-24-06 WCH #203

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The day of Chill is upon us, but that does not mean that things are not exciting. We induct a new member to the Royal Court, the first member voted in by you, the fans! We have a debut song from another Royal Court member, the Queen is here, plus lots more stuff.

We get to see Dutch cops breasts, get a little music history, and find more celebrities that hate their children.


People’s Choice Royal Court Induction

Cheryl B. Engelhardt-Hard to Come by and Proof

Matthew Ebel-Someone’s Out There

Melissa Cox-Elijah Elijah

The Sleeper’s Opera, Edie Marshall-Grace Falls

Tom Waits-Alice

Karmyn Tyler-Guilty

 Royal Court song debut

Marina V-Pesnya O Tebe

Hungry Lucy-Rainfall

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  1. yeah ! whoop whoop! I am listening to the show now, and Yeah for Cheryl!! Amazing, totally… wonderful music.

    and her title.. hummm . you have princess a couple of times.. but since the people voted for her.. what about the peoples princess. …
    wait, I just did a search for peoples princess and it brings up Princess Diana.
    something else…

    something with rythm.
    damn I am tired.

    The people voted for Cheryl!!! Yippee! now lets all go buy her cd. I am going now.

  2. I just bought Cheryl’s cd.. I am so excited I can’t wait to get it! While I was there I also purchased Darque Carnival…. cuz they freaking kick ass! In a totally different way then Cheryl.. πŸ™‚

    any way. I love the music here! πŸ˜›
    Peace out.

  3. Allright Angel, that is showing the love! Everyone take notes, that is why Angel is in the Royal Court. (that and she paid me a somewhat large amount of money for the honor)

  4. Suzie

    Great show today. Love Matthew Ebel and Cheryls music and loved Tom Waits…Wow….what music and talent!! Eban, glad to have you back…..
    Now everyone show your luv to Eban by voting for him at:
    The vote stands at over 700 but we can make it 800 before the end of May!!

  5. Thanks Sue! It is really great that the show has such dedicated fans such as you. Plus, you get extra points for bringing our Queen into the world. That makes you the Queen mother. Wow, Royalty abounds here at RfL.

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