RfL 5-25-06 RMT #204

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Driving rock, what more can I say? We have a new induction to the Royal court today, and they need your help to get on the Gibson stage at the Download festival.


We continue our look behind the scenes at Royal Court members Artificial Ineligence in Texas and their song inspiration.

The King of the court stops by, we have some new artists on the show, all in all, just fun.

In the segments we an idiot driver in Nevada, a family with a strange coincidence, and the stupid celebrities continue to never let us down.


American Heartbreak-Superstar

The Generators-Roll Out The Red Carpet

Artificial Inteligence in Texas-January featuring lead in by Michael Giaquinto

Miles Partridge-Better Than You

Full Minute of Mercury-All In on The Big Blind

Mr. Nasty-Rock-n-Roll Man

Coheed and Cambria-Devil in Jersey City

Angel City Outcasts-Breakout

Royal Court Induction!

HeadrusH UK-Just Bring it On

Help Headrush play the Download festival at Donnington by clicking on the following link. Add the Download festival to your friends list and then leave a comment for Headrush to play the Gibson Stage. Show the LOVE!!!!

Download Festival Myspace site

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