RfL 5-26-06 HRMF #205

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The Juggernaut is kicking today, just watch that you do not lose all control. It is that crazy! The music is top notch!

In the segments we find and Austrian doctor that wants you to never be accepted in public again, a mother that needs to get a whole lot less prudish, and we have the scummiest judge yet. Yep, she gets the Bitchslap award today.

Enjoy the show!

HeadrusH-Consumed and Perfect Drug

Go here to help headrush play the Download Festival

Darque Carnival-Decieved

Coded-Live On

Toxic Virgin-Evil Days

Inner Surge-The Bottom Line

God Forbid-Broken Promise

Into Eternity-Dead or Dreaming

Where She Wept-Sand and Mercury


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