RfL 5-4-06 RMT #194

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Rock Mix Thursday is back to start the countdown to the weekend, and this week it comes with a special treat, All New Music! That is right, no song on today’s show has ever been played on RfL before.

In the segments we find a Canadian bear that wants some bakery goodness, a momma’s boy tries to be a big man and rob a bank, and all he gets is a bitchslap award for his efforts, and a man in Surrey wants to wash your car, for $8000.

I also make a case for why you should shout out my name, or at least Reaching for Lucidity, when you climax. Hey, you know you should!

Enjoy the show!

The Ropes-I Stand for Nothing

American Heartbreak-Idiots on Parade


Check out our Canadian buddies Daryl and Kuma over at the very entertaining Pod Dog Show, straight out of Alberta. Sorry, no Pod Bears yet.


Cyclone Records-Seeing Through Sepia-Hollow House

Avebury Records-The Get Outs-I Shouldn’t Listen

American Anthem-Real Thing

Amber Jets-Wallpaper Eyes

JetViscious-Scars-Last Longer than Love-

Jinx Titanic-You Make Me Wanto to Cum

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  1. “Condom for Your Ears” in the fight against STD’s (sonically transmitted diseases)

    Bloody brilliant ! Thanks for playing our music – proud to be on your show !



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