RfL 5-5-06 HRMF #195

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The Juggernaut is back, and not just any Juggernaut. It is May 5th, so Happy Cinco De Mayo to those in Mexico, or the border states that celebrate the holliday. Also, it is another "all new" music day where no songs on the show today have ever been played on RfL before. There is still more.

RfL is giving away three copies each of two cd downloads today from Magnatune, the cd’s are Mandrake Root’s The Seventh Mirror and Pain Factor’s 8 seconds. Listen for details.


From MagnatuneMandrake Root two fer from the CD The Seventh Mirror- Kings of the Desert and The 7th Mirror

Pilfa Confession Box-Finger Gun

Slik Helvetika-War Machine

From MagnatunePain factor two-fer from the CD 8 Seconds- Rock Star and Lunatic Lover

From Century Media-Nevermore-Believe in Nothing

From Cyclone Records-Wormbox-Less Than

Into Eternity-Dead or Dreaming

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