Internet Connection Problems, AGAIN!

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Yet again, my INTERNET connection is driving me nuts. It has cut in and out all morning. Usually this keeps me from uploading my 50 meg shows, but not this morning, it is so spotty that I have been unable to download two songs that I wanted for the show today. Those song files are only 3.2 megs and 4.6 megs each, so needless to say, I could do the show without those two particular songs, but there would be no way for me to upload after recording.

Luckily this break in service usually only lasts a few hours and then things get better, till the next time that is. I need to hear from any U.K. listeners on what service you use for your INTERNET. I am with Tiscali and I am getting very aggravated. As soon as my contract is up, I am gone! While other providers are offering faster and faster service, Tiscali is still only offering 2mb as the highest level. That plus the fact that every couple of weeks the service goes all spotty, well, I think it is time to change.

Sorry about the lack of a show today. Since I do this under contract now, maybe I should sue Tiscali for lost time, lol. Well, that is not my style. Of course, getting so frustrated that I get a headache so bad that my head literally explodes and sends brain matter all over the room is not my style either, but Tiscali is pushing me toward that point. I will be sure to have Faith post any pics if the head explosion does in fact occur, I probably won’t be up to posting at that time.

Cheers! (to you, my listeners) — Up Yours! (to Tiscali Broadband)

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  1. Don’t worry….we will wait for the show….It will be worth it when it goes out!!!

  2. Aw man, that sucks! I love Coffee House Wednesdays! Guess I will listen to a previous show to hold me over since I am a Coffee House addict.

    Hopefully you can find a better company….we don’t want to miss too many of your shows because of the crap internet connection…

    Love ya!

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