Mexico vs. Iran

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Anyone else find it mildly disconcerting that Mexico gets to play Iran in their first match in the World Cup. I always like to have a team to pull for, but as born and bred U.S.A. type of guy, this one in a tough call.

I mean, do I pull for the country that wants to wipe the infidel Americans off the map with nukes? Or do I pull for the Country that is flooding the U.S. with it’s citizen’s which may try over time to harm the U.S from within? Atzlan anyone?

Luckily it is just one game.

Well overall, even though the U.S. is in the mix, I am routing for Brazil to take the cup. Only, of course, because Faith entered an office pool and pulled Brazil. Winning 32 pounds would be cool! It’s not the amount, just the winning.

OK, back to normal now.


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  1. Maybe during the World Cup we should have separation of sports and politics instead church and state…lol…maybe that wasn’t too funny of a thing to say…but I am tired damn it….I have worked most of the freaking weekend.

    I don’t normally watch what my people call soccer, but I can say that I am hoping Brazil wins….I want to win my office sweepstakes!

    Seriously though, it is a terrible thought to think about which country out of those two to root for being a proud and loyal American.

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