Network Neutrality under attack

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For me to side with either or that skinny, whiny vegan Moby, the issue has to be very important. So important that people with sense from all over the political spectrum can agree on the issue. Enter net neutrality. The telecoms and the federal government are colluding to destroy the net, and our access to it as we know it now. We have to take a stand.

Well, Kelvin, our always vigilant member of our Royal Court, sent me this link to and a video on net neutrality made by Moby. Luckily we have Kelvin as I would not have found this otherwise as I tend to stay as far from as possible. But hey, when you are right, you are right, even if you are on the left. (sorry, I had to go for the cheesy humor)

The link to the Moby video is HERE

Act people, or the net you lose is the net you now love!

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