RfL 6-15-06 A Wednesday Coffee House Make-up Show #218

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We need some chill, even if the INTERNET conspires against us, so here is a short 4 song version of the Coffee House. The full Driving Rock Mix will be out today as well, just a bit pushed back. Can you say, "full day of recording"?

Hell, it is all good, I love doing this for you all!



Annie Fitzgerald

Annie Fitzgerald
Annie Fitzgerald
Atomic K Records


Golden Wing

Golden Wing
Amy White / Al Petteway
Maggie’s Music


"The Queen" Karmyn Tyler-Make Believe

Alice Marie-Lipstick Diaries

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4 Responses

  1. Kellie

    We appreciate you doing this for us. I love listening to your shows in case I have not told you.

    I will be tuned in again later.


  2. Thanks Kellie! Great to hear from you. Thanks for the support.

    I hope all is well down south.


  3. Hey Eban……Great show today….all female show…..Sorry you are having internet problems. I have had a difficult time posting a comment. Wasn’t sure if it was my side or your side…..anyway.. have a good weekend. We are in your fav State of Louisiana!!

    the Queen Mother

  4. Hey Eban! Thank you for playing Make Believe! Did you play that for me and Nadal? (hee, hee! blog humor!) 😉

    talk to you later…in Shreveport for a cool gig!

    PS – just now able to get this on…internet connection wouldn’t let me…

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