RfL 6-19-06 Blues Monday #221

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Nothing says Monday like a good, large serving of the Blues-traditional, rock, and inspired stuff. It is all good, and it is all here today!

In the segments we find another idiot criminal that tries to hide in obvious places. We take our walk down musical memory lane. And a little old lady has a very surreal experience, and no, I do not mean Vince Neal, Ron Jeremy, or any other B-listers moved in with her.

No Charlton Heston in sight either, but he should have been. Just listen to the show.


A Royal Court two-fer from Barry Mc Cabe-One of These Days and Istanbul Blues

Tinsley Ellis from Alligator-The Highwayman

Johnny Winter, also from Alligator-Boot Hill

Billy Jones from Black and Tan Two-fer-At Da Crossroads and Deal wit da Devil

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Bring it On

Don’t Harass Betty-Your Love is Everything

The Blues Vultures-My Baby Up and Left Me

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  1. Good Blues Show……Great stories today although you may be in trouble giving your moms birthdate year!! The Blues Vultures – My Baby Up and Left Me was my favorite!! Oh, and don’t believe everything about me on Karmyn’s blog!! haa haa

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