RfL 6-21-06 Wednesday Coffee House #223

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Time to get some chill on to help survive hump day–It is the Wednesday Coffee House, and we have some great music-

The segments today find us a sword wielding Chinese woman, a walk down musical memory lane, and some great stupid celebrity crap-does it really get much better?

Just kick back and relax–I even keep the Fat Al Gore and his podcasting minions to a minimum today.


Laura Clapp-Not For Me


Looking out the Window Podcast with Ed Roberts

Marina V-I’ll Be Allright

Lucy Evans-Green Eyes-Green Eyes

Cheryl B. Engelhardt-Proof

Edie Marshall-The Sleeper’s Opera-Grace Falls

Adrina Thorpe-Never Meant

Lorena Mire two-fer-Everything and Movies in my head-Get to Lorena’s site as her $4.99 cd preorders are almost finished!

Karmyn Tyler-Amazing Grace

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  1. karmyn

    Eban you are just so sweet and awesome!! I feel so honored to be played with these great artists. Laura Clapp’s new song is awesome. Sure glad you like Dean Martin!!

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