RfL 6-22-06 Rock Mix Thursday #224

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It is not only Driving Rock Mix Thursday-It is a very special Driving Rock Mix Thursday–It is the Royal Court Honors Show!

We celebrate the birthday of our Roayl Court Ambassador-Angel-from TotallyAngel.com–Enjoy the show and have the best day possible!

We also say congrats to Share from Royal Court band Bubble as Share’s video podcast Rock and Roll TV is now part of the Podshow family–I say welcome to the club Share!

We have also got word from Mike Z of Waiting for Decay that their CD is ready for release, plus, we get first crack at the single! Also, Miles Partridge-The KING-has also let me know that new stuff is on the way soon!

In the segments we have a drunk with a plan, a bad plan, but a plan none the less. We take our walk down musical memory lane and see who and what happened on Angel’s birthday through the years. Then we get the moron to end all morons, and he has a firearm!


Craymo-Happy Birthday

Bubble Two-fer-Deadender and Sparklestar

Waiting for Decay-Last Call

Chance-Say What You Will

Miles Partridge-Tequila

Full Minute Of Mercury-All In on The Big Blind

The Golden Gods-Dynamite Lady

American Heartbreak-Angeline

The Distillers-LA Girl

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  1. Eban you get on your soap box and now I am on mine. I had no idea “Happy Birthday” as we know it is not a public domain song. That is ridiculous!! It is like making “The Star Spangled Banner” not public domain!! And Time Warner really needs the money!! ($2 Million in annual Royalties) http://www.unhappybirthday.com/

    Oh well, some indie artist can make up a new podsafe tune that will be better!! Hope your birthday was great Angel and that you have many, many more!!

  2. I know you will see this Angel…just wanted to wish you a fabulous birthday! Hey, that’s it maybe the “happy birthday” song should change to “fabulous birhtday”….lol.

  3. 🙂

    I LOVED the show, thanks for that totally awesome fun birthday song! 😛

    Thanks for the love everyone! 🙂

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