RfL 6-26-06 Blue Monday #226

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Blue Monday yet again starts off our week here at RfL. Great blues in in store today–plus, it is the "SPOON" episode. Wanna come over and spoon?

In the segments we have a bat-like bank robber–and no, I don’t mean like "BATMAN"–I mean big assed ears! We take our walk down music memory lane. I also show a new way for parents to make a couple of bucks off of their children.


Billy Jones-Make Love Tonight

Boo Boo Davis-Shut That Door

Byther Smith Two Fer-The Man Wants me Dead and Things I used to Do

Melissa Forbes-Blackheart Blues

Big George Jackson Blues Band _ Biscuits ‘n’ Molasses

Son Lewis-Lollipop Mamma

Bob Kirkpatrick-I Did Her Wrong

Albert Collins-Hooked on You

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  1. I am actually enjoying some of this music……I always enjoy the coffee house and now I am getting hooked on Monday Blues and Tuesday Indie and Alternative…….It will probably be awhile before I brave the Frday show though. I am old!!!!!!! No I’m ancient!! haaa haaa

  2. Oh, yes and spooning……..That word was used at a 7th grade outing that Karmyn did recently and she did not know what it was…..and apparently the other leader did not know either….. In my day, spooning was …….well spooning!!! If you don’t know, you haven’t done it!!

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