RfL 6-27-06 Indie and Alternative Tuesday #227

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The music is tops on today’s show, but then again, it is always about the great music here. It is whay RfL is the "Condom for the Ears"!

In the segments we have a jury dodging fake junkie and murderer. We take our walk down musical memory lane. We then take on the Stupid Celebrity crap–the sex side! Katherine Hiegl may just be too good to be true! We talk Teri Hatcher’s tits, and Macca’s soon to be ex. strips for us.



Vanton-Look at Me

Jody Shelton-All These Sounds


Rock Kills Kid-Raise Your Hands

Darcy Fray-Murder in Bombay

Paperboy Jack-Pause

Manda and the Marbles-Say Anything

The Muffs-Really Really Happy

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Contrary to popular opinion, Eban is not teh person that put teh hit out on Kermit teh Frog, and is in fact happy he survived teh attempt. Miss Piggy? That is a whole different story. . . Email ME email:ebancrawford@gmail.com Subscribe to the RfL feed

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  1. Eban,
    Teri’s secret has been used by pageant girls forever!!! They can transform a minus a cup to a full c cup in a matter of minutes!!

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