RfL 6-28-06 Wednesday Coffee House #228

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Great Chill, Great Music, Adequate Host? It is RfL and it is the Coffee House. Let’s hear it for humpday! (haha, HUMP)

In the segments today we have a parking violator sticking it to the man in Michigan. We take our walk down musical memory lane. And then, I deliver our version of the state of the union address, the state of RfL.


Natalie Brown-I Wonder

Tabitha Lebec-Little Deaths

John Keenan-This City

Steven Stuart-Fight For Love

Edie Carrey-Chemistry

Hungry Lucy-Rainfall

Annie Fitzgerald

Annie Fitzgerald
Ain’t That A Shame

Annie Fitzgerald
Atomic K Records


Karmyn Tyler-Drifting

Satya-Silk Route

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