RfL 6-29-06 Driving Rock Mix Thursday #229

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We need to rally the troops for one of our Royal Court members-Christopher Scott–we need to help him win the American Idol Underground contest. Don’t fret however, while you are helping, we have some great tunes from Chris and others. Prepare to feel the musical love!

In the segments we have a rich girl that obviously has dating issues. We have our daily walk down musical memory lane. And in Stupid Celebrtiy crap we loose a star, Naomi Cambell goes nuts yet again, Britney wants us all to see her assets, and Hugh Jackman dons the leather and blades yet again.


Christopher Scott-Exit Wounded

Click here to help Christopher win the American Idol Underground contest! You can vote once a day until July 15th! Let’s get one of our own to the winning spot!

Brother Love-Push

Victor Dimarko-Miracle

Ex Masheena-Sweeter Coma

Rocket City Riot Two-fer- Debut-Under the Bright Lights and Feel Alive

Babylon Bombs-Hometown Heroes

Sophia Ramos-Esperanza

The Supersuckers-Pretty Fucked Up

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