RfL 6-30-06 The Juggernaut, Hard Rock and Metal Friday #230

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It’s Mike Tyson’d birthday, so let’s completely ignore his ass and have some great hard rock and metal, what do you say? The Juggernaut is going to kick ass today!

In the segments we find a Pakistani with a lightbulb up his ass. We take our walk down muscial memory lane. We get an update on our disgruntled parker from Michigan. Ane we finish up with a former Polish government official that obviously can’t afford maouthwash.


Until Death (Opaque?)-Unforsaken

HeadrusH-Just Bring it On

Pilfa Confession Box-Vision of Rosemary

Coded-Live On


Lokata-Hope Plea

Darque Carnival Two-fer-Falling Down and Down Driven

Lacuna Coil-Heaven’s a Lie


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  1. Thanks for playing us on the show! Keep watching for some new originals to be added really soon!


    Chris (manager)

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