RfL 6-7-06 Wednesday Coffee House #213

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We have great news about the Queen of the Royal Court, Karmyn Tyler! Her star is really starting to take off. Also, we have a new induction into the Royal Court, someone Karmyn is very familiar with.

We have tunes, music history, and saome freaky things.

I wish I could say I am on top of my game today, but I have some issues and I am not having the best day. I almost re-recorded the show, or at least edit it some, but in the end I decided to put it out, warts and all. At least the warts are towards the end, lol. Honesty rules!

Enjoy the show!

The Sleepers Opera-Edie Marshall-I’ll be a Penitent Boy

Edie Carey-Chemistry

Great news about Karmyn Tyler and her new movie "Inspector Mom"! Check out the IMDB site(still under construction)


Royal Court Induction! The Queen Mother, as in Karmyn’s mom, Suzie TK!

Karmyn Tyler-Drifting and Guilty

Marina V-Underneath your Sky

Caitlyn Smith-Teardrops and Sugarcane

Cheryl B. Engelhardt-Proof

Jody Shelton-All These Sounds

Karmyn Tyler-Amazing grace

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  1. Wow do I ever feel special!! A wonderful show with wonderful music from all of the artists!! I am glad I get to be a part of all this great music that you don’t get to hear on regular radio. That is why I love podcasting so….It is so much like the radio of my era (when dj’s had control of their shows). This generation would miss that experience if it wasn’t for all the wonderful podcasters!! So guys and gals keep the podcast experience going!! OH and PS…..don’t forget to got to http://reachingforlucidity.vitalpodcasts.com/ to vote for Eban and the RFL show!!

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