RfL 6-8-06 Rock Mix Thursday #214

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Drtiving Rock Mix is back in the house and we have some great tunes today-we start with an upbeat rumble and end up with a full on Roar by the end of the show!

We induct another Royal Court Member today as well as debuting a new song from a current Royal Court member.

We have a creative judge, some great music history, and some stupid celebrity crap in our segments today.

Enjoy the show!

Royal Court song debut!

Artificial Inteligence in Texas-The Modern Rules of Love

The Supersuckers-Paid

American Heartbreak-Unhappily Ever After

Royal Court Induction!

Barry Mc Cabe-Someone I Used To Know

Granian-Mark My Words

Loveless-A Gift To The World

The Substitutes-Taken a Lifetime

The Generators-Crawling on Top

The Deadline-Starting Over

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