Come on, show us the love! Today marks 17 years!

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That is right! What a day it is. Today is me and Digital Assistant Faith’s 17th anniversary, and we are still going strong! See what I mean about spreading the love? I speak from experience.

The past 17 years have been such a dream and a blessing, and I look forward to the next 17. Faith has been such a wonderful, positive, and powerful force in my life.

Hey baby, I still love you, so much! Thank you for all the joy you have brought me over the years!

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  1. Hey Honey!

    I too think of the past 17 years as a blessing. Thanks for all of the love and support you have given me. You always make me fell so special and loved.

    You are my soul mate and I love you so much too!


  2. *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love* *love*

    Happy Anniversary! Miss you both! 🙂

  3. Kelvin


  4. SuzieTK

    Congratulations…..That is awesome!!! You are both special and deserve the best happiness!! I hope I’m around to see your 50th!!

  5. karmyn

    Hey Eban and Faith….Congratulations. 17 years….Wow!! Probably Faith needs extra congrats for putting up with you….hee hee….
    Hope you have lots more!!!

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